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Fists: Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is by beating the crap out of someone with your bare hands.
Brass Knuckles: If you feel your mitts aren't doing enough damage, slap on some brass to maximize the pain you're inflicting. These replace the Fist 'weapon', rather than going in the melee weapon slot.
Melee Weapons:
  • Meat Cleaver: This meat cleaver is used to cut meat and to kill people with, and you slash them until they die.
  • Hammer: Normally used for nice things like building houses, in Tommy Vercetti's hands it's a deadly weapon.
  • Golf Club: Whack people with your golf club, this puppy has a nice long reach.
  • Machete: Usually used in the jungle to cut down vegetation, Tommy chops heads off with it.
  • Knife: What you see is what you get: a knife to stab people with.
  • Screwdriver: A popular drink, but a deadly weapon.
  • Katana: The ultimate melee weapon, this Japanese sword is good for cutting fools up.
  • Baseball Bat: Take me out to the ball game! Whack your opponents head out of the ballpark!
  • Nightstick: When cops aren't chowing down on donuts, they like to smack people with these.
  • Chainsaw: Slows you down and incredibly slow to use. Disappointingly ineffective.

Sub-Machine Guns:

  • Tec-9: An effective, cheap sub-machine gun.
  • Mac 10: Pretty much the same as the Tec-9, although it is a little bit faster.
  • Uzi: A very effective weapon. Kills people very fast and sounds awesome at the same time.
  • MP5: Best sub-machine gun in the game. No contest.


  • Colt 45: A basic pistol. Kills people in 3-4 shots.
  • The Python: A very effective revolver. Kills people in 1 shot.


  • Shotgun: A basic shotgun. The police uses these.
  • Stubby shotgun: A shotgun with a very large spread of bullets. Good for groups of enemies.
  • Spaz-12: Semi-automatic shotgun. Very effective.

  • Grenade: Basic hand grenade. Very effective if thrown right.
  • Satchel Charges: A remote-detonated explosive. Place it where ever you like, and BOOM!
  • Molotov Cocktail: Less effective than the grenade, but packs a mean punch (burn?).
  • Tear Gas: A not-so-effective weapon. Use as a last resort.

  • Sniper Rifle: A basic sniper rifle. Kills people in one shot.
  • PSG-1: Best sniper rifle in the game. Kills people in one shot and has a better rate of fire.

Assault Rifles:
  • Ruger: A manual-aim machine gun. Very effective if used properly.
  • M4: Another manual-aim machine gun. Also very effective if used properly.

Heavy Weapons:
  • M60: Say hello to Tommy's little friend. The M60 takes out vehicles at an insane speed. Also very good for mass-murdering rampages.
  • Flamethrower: Surprisingly long range. Good for killing people in a funny way.
  • Minigun: Incredibly cool, and possibly the best weapon in the game. Good for ranking up those wanted stars really fast.
  • Rocket Launcher: Very effective. Good for mass-murdering rampages, and the only weapon which can deal with enemy helicopters.

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